Where to start really...photography, I guess?

It has consumed the better half of my teenage and adult life (being 26 makes you an adult now, despite what I tell myself) What started out as a hobby has spiralled into a passion to make a living from it. After spending 3 years studying in Glasgow and a bold move down south, I found myself leading a team of creatives as Head Photographer and Content Creator, for nearly 5 years at one of the best Motorsport and Driving Experience companies in the UK. Inspired to work with other creative individuals in different principles, I made the move to freelance in the summer of 2019.


If you haven’t noticed by now, cars and motorsport are a huge passion of mine - my father raced, tinkered and fixed cars throughout my childhood, so it's no real surprise some of it has rubbed off on me. My passion for cars and anything remotely related with going fast has got me where I am today and has created some amazing opportunities for me and my photography.


I am extremely honoured to have some of my favourite prints for sale on the walls of Caffeine & Machine - An automotive retreat for enthusiasts to, relax, talk and appreciate each others creations after weekends of cut knuckles and long nights in the garage. The coffee and dogs aren't bad either.

I also have the pleasure of working very closely with the chaps at Rollhard; An automotive brand and collective. Rollhard is very much a labour of love between like minded car enthusiasts, many of whom I now consider very good friends. I’m proud to be able to take lead in creating the brand’s image style and build a distinctive look through my photography.

What comes next? Hopefully working with you, taking your whacky ideas and turning them into creative projects we're both happy with. Let's shoot rad, cool photos.